Community Guidelines


Last Revised: 7/11/2019



At 360WorkHub, we strive to follow our core values of service, style, and lifestyle to bring community and synergy to small-and-medium sized businesses. We believe a safe and friendly environment allows our network to grow personally and professionally for all to thrive.



Have Good Etiquette

Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can affect you and your surroundings. Please be mindful of your actions.

Be Receptive

Find a balance between conflict and resolution. Be receptive to people, problems, solutions, and ideas.

Contribute Value

Share valuable thoughts and opinions through open-ended discussions. Exchange views in a civilized manner while contributing to the bigger picture.



  • Commit any illegal/criminal activity
  • Premeditate and perform acts of malice
  • Solicit and/or encourage illegal or unwanted rituals and/or favors
  • Engage in fraud, laundering, theft, embezzlement, and/or other cyber crimes
  • Publish inappropriate, harmful, damaging and/or otherwise defamatory content



If you suspect any published content online to be in violation of our Community Guidelines, please share your concern to All requests are purely confidential and will be investigated to protect the integrity of 360WorkHub and its associated members.

Failure to comply to our Community Guidelines results in revocation of membership. Please see our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Internet Access Terms of Use for more information. 360WorkHub receives the right to amend any changes to the Community Guidelines as distinguished by the latest revisions dated below.


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